Relaxed, Intimate Newborn Portraits in Karratha.

At Earth and Water Photography, we offer a range of photographic experiences when it comes to capturing those precious memories of you newborn baby. These include, ‘Outdoor’ sessions, ‘Studio based’ sessions and also ‘In home’ lifestyle sessions.


These sessions are run a lot like a family outdoor session, just with the focus on bub. They are always held at either sunset or sunrise to make the most of the beautiful soft, golden light. Outdoor Newborn sessions are very relaxed. The focus is on connection. Bub is held for 80-90% of the session, so the mood of the baby does not matter, nor does the age (unlike traditional studio sessions where ideally we like Bub to be between 5 and 15 days new). During an Outdoor Newborn Session bub is, usually always wrapped, this helps keep them settled, and also keeps them secure. and warm. Whilst you are welcome to bring along any wraps, or outfits you would like your baby to wear, I do also bring along wraps as well as ‘safe’ props to capture individual shots.

Investments for an outdoor newborn experience, start at $250 (session fee for the ‘design your own’ package), or $595 (Petite Package) 

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Studio Based Newborn

Earth & Water Photography offers two studio based newborn, ‘Traditional Newborn Studio’ and ‘Wrapped Only Mini Studio’.

Traditional Studio

Traditional newborn session, held in the Earth & Water homebased studio. These sessions can take between 3-4 hours at times. However, I put no time limit on these sessions and simply take as long as needed. The focus is those beautifully posed shots, some in wraps, some in outfits and some nude (if desired). These sessions take time, each pose can take time. I like to do family photos, mum/bub and dad/bub as well as sibling photos at the beginning of the session to allow for siblings to then be taken home so we can focus on the bub. These sessions can run at anytime during the day as we are not affected by the sun.  It is recommended to book these sessions within 14 days of bub being born as they are usually more sleepy and also easier to maneuver into the positions during the first few weeks. 

Investments for a Traditional Studio session start at $350 (session fee for the ‘design your own’ package) or $775 (Gold Package)

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Mini “Wrapped Only” Studio session

A new type of studio session being offered by Earth and Water Photography. These sessions will be about an hour in length. Baby will be wrapped the entire session meaning the posing and the props will be limited in comparison to a full session. With a baby wrapped, we are able to take photos even if they are still awake, and that is what we do during these sessions. We do settle and feed if required. However, we do not focus on getting the baby to sleep, rather, work with the mood of the baby. Parent and sibling photos are still offered during this session and are done at the beginning. Set ups are limited to two and then a ‘beanbag’ set up at the end where we will unwrap baby to capture all the tiny features such as toes, feet, hands

Investments for a Wrapped Only Studio session start at $350 (session fee for the ‘design your own’ package) or $595 (Petite Package)

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These sessions are held in the client’s home. Much like the maternity in-home lifestyle session, these are very relaxed and more of a documentary style. Whilst I still bring along wraps to wrap bub, I prefer to use items belonging to the bub to create more of an intimate, personal feel to the images. I do not bring along props, instead we will capture the bub in their cot or basinet, or snuggled on the master bed. We focus on the connection between mum, dad, siblings and baby. Whilst I do offer posing suggestions and direction, the aim is to create a natural, relaxed, personal, feel.

Investments for an ‘In home Lifestyle’ session start at $250 (session fee for ‘design your own’ package) or $595 (Petite package)

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