Beautiful, timeless, relaxed Maternity Portraits.

Maternity sessions are some of the most amazing to capture. They showcase the female body at its most magical and empowering. The creation of life and the expanding of a family. The anticipation of meeting a new little being and the endless love.

At Earth and Water Photography we offer a range of options when it comes to capturing the perfect maternity portraits for you. These include outdoor experiences, studio/fine art experiences and lifestyle (in your home) experiences. We have a range of gowns to choose from and wear during your session with us. We also have a selection of undergarments, accessories and flower crowns to cater for all styles and personalities.


These sessions are much like a family session. However, the focus is on mum and her beautiful growing belly. Before your outdoor maternity session, we arrange a time for you to select the gowns you would like to wear during your session. We will also discuss posing, hair and make up.

Investments for an outdoor maternity session start at $250 (session fee for the ‘design your own’ package) or $595 (Petite Package)

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A Studio Maternity session is elegant and intimate. A lot of ladies who choose this option like to include nude/semi nude photos as well as utilizing the beautiful gowns I have on offer. Children and partners are ofcourse welcome to be part of these sessions. They are more structured and more posed than an outdoor session. 

Investments for a studio/fine art maternity session start at $250 (session fee for the ‘design your own’ package) or $595 (Petite Package)

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In-home Lifestyle

These sessions take place in the client’s home. They are very relaxed and more of a documentary style, rather than posed. Direction and posing is still given, but the focus is on the connection of loved ones, in the comfort of their home. Rooms we will often use are the master bedroom, lounge and nursery/baby’s room. Natural light is utilized as much as possible to create a soft, natural feel to the images. 

Investments for a In-home Lifestyle maternity session start at $250 (session fee for the ‘design your own’ package) or $595 (Petite Package)

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