This is me, Tess.

I am the creator behind Earth & Water Photography. I love exploring and learning, capturing moments and creating photographic art.

I love working with people. I am a mother and a Primary School teacher. I find I gravitate towards children. I love capturing their innocence, curiosity and spontaneity.

I also love empowering women, helping them to see their strengths and their beauty. I love capturing moments and memories as well as creating timeless, photographic art. 

I’ve always loved taking photos but finally took the plunge into learning more about photography in 2011 when a girlfriend and I decided it would be an awesome way to get out and explore this magical place we call home, the Pilbara. I began experimenting with landscapes but fell into portraiture when I was asked to capture some photos for a friend.

Initially, I was all self taught, trial and error and a few You Tube videos along the way. However, over the years I have chosen to invest quite a bit of money, and time, in both in-person and online training. I have done several workshops (particularly in relation to newborn posing and safety) and have studied several courses online in posing, lighting, editing etc. I love what I do and I love trying out new concepts, styles and techniques.

I love working with other photographers and inspiring and challenging each other to be the best photographers we can be.

I do this because I love it. I am so fortunate to have been able to turn my passion into a business that supports my family. 


Earth and Water Photography

TESS O’REILLY - 0422 168 842

Karratha WA 6714



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